Where Ya Been? Revisiting FuXk

We’ve been quiet.  I know.  Consumed with other things and an element of laziness.  Inertia can be good or bad.  In this case, the inertia of doing nothing is bad.  (So is the inertia of eating pizza every night which is a god damn habit I need to kick!)

Well I’ve had enough.  It’s time to do something here.  Time to put some effort in.  Time to invest.  Shit doesn’t just happen; you need to make it happen!

We often get the question what is FuXk?  What’s it mean?  We need to get a hell of a lot better at answering this.

So what is FuXk?  A brand?  A way of living?  A movement?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

All the above!

I tend to answer the question by describing it as an edgier version of “Life is Good” (@Lifeisgood).

What’s the meaning of Life is Good?  At its core, Life is Good is about optimism.  Their motto is “Do what you like, like what you do.”  This is a theme that has broad-based appeal but also can be more narrowly targeted.

The two brothers that founded Life is Good explained this well in a 2012 article on ABCnews.com (http://abcnews.go.com/Business/brothers-life-good-logo-message/story?id=15481190)

The article says:

“People might think of the brand as catering mainly to Birkenstock-wearing Phish fans, but that’s not the whole story.  “That’s one demographic,” said Bert Jacobs. “But you have every walk of life…everybody who sees the glass half full.””

Fun is at the Core of FuXk

Fun is at our core.  This can be seen in our original description:

FuXk was created by people who are passionate about life. 

You’ve no doubt heard the words “work hard, play hard” and that’s what we’re all about.

But we take it a step further by ensuring that no matter what Konditions we’re operating in and no matter how Xtreme, we’re having fun in the process.

Realizing that life takes so many turns, we wanted to make sure that having fun was never too distant from the center of people’s thoughts.

So whether it’s grinding out your work day, rocking out at a concert or going through a tough personal ordeal we want you to make sure there’s at least an ounce of fun in everything you do.

What’s Fun Mean? 

We all know what fun is, how it feels, and when we’re having it.  But sometimes I think it’s an interesting exercise to revisit the official definition.

The only definition that doesn’t fit the bill for us is 3b.  The other aspects we’re all about – amusement, enjoyment, mood.  In fact, I’m even intrigued by “violent or excited activity!”

Fun is What We’re All About 

It’s the common theme.

It’s about trying to have at least one ounce (and I prefer a minimum of 16 ounces or 20+ if you got it) every day, no matter what konditions you’re operating under, no matter how Xtreme.

On the topic of Xtreme, this can be in or out of your control.  In my case, most of my Xtreme konditions are self-inflicted.  Such as:

  • Head banging for two days at the M3 Rock Festival (@M3RockFestival)
  • Friday Happy Hours at the beach rocking out with Chris Button and Joe Mama (@JoeMamaDrums) at Crab Cake Factory
  • Last week’s Cinco de Mayo festivities rocking out with Bryen O’Boyle (@BryenfmGG) and at La Palapa (@lapalapagrill).
  • Being in the Snake Pit at the Metallica (@Metallica) concert.


Whatever Floats Your Boat; Just Have Fun

At FuXk, we don’t really care what you do to have Fun (if it’s legal and not at the detriment of others).  The point is that you’re having it.

For me, as you might have figured out music has always been at the core of my Fun under Xtreme konditions.


It’s Time for Some Focus

One of the keys with starting a new business and/or brand is being focused and I think this has been one of our early struggles.

While we believe that FuXk is applicable to a wide range of customer segments, we are going to increase our focus on some specific customer segments.

We’ve gotten some good receptivity with the music crowd and particularly with the “rock” crowd.  This is one area we are going to focus on to see if we can make something happen.

We will do this with our FuXk Original design as well as our new FuXk RoXk line.

Extreme sports are another area where we see an interesting play.  We expect this to be another segment we focus on in the future.  But first things first.

Feedback, Advice, Help – All Welcome!

FuXk is a new endeavor for us and we aren’t experts by any means.  There is nothing more valuable than honest feedback, advice, and assistance.  So, if you have ideas or know folks that can help us drive this please let us know.

Over and out…for now!

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