Launch of FuXk RoXk

“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” ― Confucius

There are infinite ways to have fun.  For me personally, music has always been a part of my life and a key source of fun!

Hard rock/heavy metal is my favorite genre but my musical taste is diverse.  Most people are surprised to learn that one of my favorite bands is Depeche Mode (@depechemode).

My exposure to music happened early in my life.

  • My first record album was Kiss: The Originals (@KISSOnline), a packaging of their first three records. My dad brought me this back from a business trip he had in NYC. Kiss – absolutely one of my favorite bands.
  • Growing up I remember my parent’s variety of 8-track tapes. I thought every freaking band was named after a city or state – Boston, Chicago, Kansas!  And who the hell was this Jethro Tull (@jethrotull) dude?
  • In grade school, I took several years of piano lessons earning a Superior rating at a recital playing some classical score – can’t remember for the life of me if it was Mozart, Beethoven, or Ray Manzarek.
  • My first concert was The Hooters (@thehooters) with special guest The Outfield at Martz Hall in Pottsville, PA.
  • At my wedding, I sang lead vocals in a band I put together called Till Death Do Us Part – we covered Flock of Seagulls (@MScoreOfficial), Dishwalla (@dishwalla), Depeche Mode (@depechemode), New Order (@neworder), Electronic, and Live (@Freaks4Live).

You get the drift?

I love music!

Music & Xtreme konditions

Music and particularly concerts provides many opportunities for Fun under Xtreme konditions.

I know I’ve had my fair share.

  • Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, & Faith No More at RFK
  • Multiple HFStivals
  • Over 15 Kiss shows (@KISSOnline)
  • Rocklahoma (@Rocklahoma)
  • M3 Rock Festival (@m3rockfest)
  • Most recently – being in the SNAKE PIT for the Metallica (@Metallica) in Baltimore.

And the list could go on and on!

Wait! Hold on!

How can I forget – Jimmy Buffett (@jimmybuffett)!  Got to throw a shot out his way; Jimmy Buffett shows may best exemplify Fun under Xtreme konditions!

Introducing FuXk RoXk – A Salute To All The Rockers!

That’s why I’m fired up about the launch of our FuXk RoXk line!

FuXk RoXk is a tribute to everyone that loves to ROCK OUT!


What’s FuXk RoXk about?  Well it feels like this:

  • One minute and 47 seconds of of Ennio Morricone’s “The Ecstacy of Gold” before Metallica (@Metallica) hits the stage
  • The increasing volume of “Won’t Get Fooled Again” and “Highway to Hell” before Kiss (@KISSOnline) and Poison (@Poison) hit the stage
  • The lead in ripping guitar of Motley Crue’s (@MotleyCrue) “Kickstart My Heart”
  • The sound of Kiss performing “Detroit Rock City” as the dual guitars echo through the arena
  • The beginning of “Welcome to the Jungle
  • The beautful composition of Megadeath’s (@Megadeath) “Trust” – drums, keyboard, guitar
  • Kix (@KIXtheband) performing “Cold Shower” in the pouring rain at Rocklahoma
  • The heat on your face and the smell from the pyrotechnics

This list could go on forever but we think it gives you a feel for what FuXk RoXk is all about!

So raise your god damn horns and check our FuXk RoXk gear out!

Here’s a Sampling of Bands We Rock Out To!

The good news about hard rock and heavy metal is that there is no shortage of music to rock out to.  Whether it’s legendary rockers or more contemporary ones

The awesome news is that today many of the large rock festivals like Chicago Open Air (@chiopenair), Rock On The Range (@rockontherange) and Wacken Open Air (@Wacken), to name a few, are combining long-standing rock bands with more contemporary ones.  (We’ve applied to be a vendor at Chicago Open Air and would love to be there (hint hint @chiopenair accept our application please!).Here’s a little (LMAO!) sampling of some of the bands we rock out to at FuXk Gear.

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